Metal Shadows

Knights Templar Stand
Music Video

Monastic Order
Direction: Outremer
Established to protect
Pilgrimages there

Vow of poverty
Noble Sons
Granted Headquarters
The Temple of Solomon

Constructing Strongholds
Strategic Garrisons
Financing the Crusades
Military Monks

Sharpened Broadswords
Obvious Cruciform
White Sur-Coats mitigate
The hot Levant Sun

Steaming Stallions
Warhorses snort
Rumbling Splendor
Mounted Cohort

Furious Ram
Faith and Might
Merciless Charge
God on their Side

Lances smashing
Infidel ranks
Deafening Onslaught
Knights Templar Stand

Bonded Brethren
By the Oath they’ve sworn
Gallant Saviors
Hold off the Saracen Swarm

Valiant Martyrs’ Death
Amidst the Heathen Pack
Rather Suicide
Than to fall back