Metal Shadows

Beyond Creation
Music Video

When the universal darkness is covering the earth, and hold us tightSome spying eyes are drawn to the sky stuck upon it

Filled with interrogationsThey are questioning about life:What is the reason for our presence here?And what can we do to prevent human mistakes?

When the first minute of the day arrives with this total silenceSome light crystal beams are penetrating the roomDelivering this darkness that doesn't show meIn which world of trouble we are living

Pressure, slaughtery, crime and monetary shit...

My eyes are opening to a totally different world!A cepage of flesh that awaits to be hacked up

Feeding your deadliest thoughtsHuman of centuryNo more can I accept these lies

They are all standing there, without anyone talking and no reason to be heardBut life is so important! This life is yoursWhen someone chooses to take or give lifeMany lives are resting on their shoulders

It's a choice to make, the way of life you'll takeSo I wish you to take the good path!

If society can't accept itself, how could it deal with each individualityThis nightmare must be overcomeThis truth is for us!!It's a scar that cannot be healed but it could be knownAt this point, coexistence could be a scheme.