Metal Shadows

Lost Boy
Music Video

As I approach to the grasslands, I see a golden light
The moon never lies to a wicked eye
For my serpent tongue can only taste the flesh of an only son
Let my tainted blood flow through the parallels of our orphan veins
No man could ever understand the depths of our brain
Take a look at yourself, it’s inconsequential to stare into the eyes of a lost boy
Don’t let the truth silence our voice
We have the choice to push the boundaries of our own consciousness
Can you not feel the vibrations
Can you not feel the cold blood pumping into your blackened heart
There’s a world beyond the surface of our minds
Where absolute truth won’t vanish from our eyes
Let the spirit divide our moral sense and pride
And descend together, forever you are mine
We are coming of age and the life that you live will turn years into days
Haven’t you learned from what she became
It spawned a demon that ripped an angel from its wings
What is the purpose of living a lie
When truth is revealed you’ll succumb to the eye’s madness
Its power lives deep within us
We can return to all that we have lost to this withered earth
Underneath my shadow is a snake
And it’s telling me that I should run far away
But I know it’s voice will be echoing forever
Lost boy, we are one in the same
No matter how much you resist me, I’m with you
We’re in this together, you’re mine forever
We are connected
We are the orphan sons
I am the voice that guides you
You’re mine forever