Metal Shadows

Shadow Of Intent
From Ruin... We Rise
Music Video

Newcomers dance and sing
Relieved by the passing of spring
They feel the grace of the sun
Their misfortune has not yet begun
Where the men used to come for their drinks
Where the children would play endlessly
They have taken our everything
They know not what tomorrow shall bring
On the opposite side of the field
A vengeance that shall never yield
Fathers weep for their sons
Their suffering cannot be undone

Why cry?
From squalor and ruin we rise
They reap what they've sown
Arise, arise
Past the horizon lay paradise
But here the rivers run red
Dregs of the world seen through their eyes
Less than the dung below the flies
Fields of the dead bake in the light
Children, women and men, their bodies lie
Piled in the streets stacked six feet high
Tell me why, oh why

Limbs contorted
Anatomical morbid distortions
At a biblical limit the purging
In our hearts is a rage ever burning
Come the next morning
We attack with a thousand scornings
Look upon us like death is emerging
Beginning the righteous charge, disparaging

Now it's our turn for the scourging
With a hatred relentlessly swarming
Skies wail as rockets are hurling
Falling down to earth screaming and bursting
Miles, miles and miles of corpses
They bear witness to vindictive forces
As far as the eyes can see
If you saw it you wouldn't believe it
When will these fucking wars end?