Metal Shadows

The Blackcrow
Music Video

When a path that’s paved with noble intentions is crossed by the path of the destroyer 
Innocent minds are poisoned by perfidious tongues 
The wisdom of generations suffers, suffocating by obtuseness
When iniquity holds justice in scorn, and good will has no power to defeat the evil in man 
The time to pass into the depths of depravity with immense force and no mercy has arrived. 
The Whitecrow calls upon his alter ego….. the Blackcrow.

Perennial infecting of the air to breathe
One million voices, ten million fights
Legions of dolts clamouring to be heard 
Air is getting bitter in the lungs

Each one is praising his own God
Disunity turns into norm
Rising and falling, deaf and blind
Might make it right

Watching out for the lighthouse in the sea 
In the sea of chaos and disharmony
For the power has arisen to silence the weak
Incoming justice

Monuments of forefathers defiled by the rabble
Obtuseness embraces our globe
But a shadow of anger appears in the sky
To defy the absurdity of this world

Fear him not 
Strong winds blow
Dark wings spread
The Blackcrow

Perpetual cycles of senseless tragedies
A trifling movements observed from the stars
No power to slough the hatred of its stinking skin
New killings change nothing, the hearts all bloody scars 

Oh, come to us, you bearer of Sanity 
Liberate the wisdom from chains of ignorance
Let our world embrace the awareness of transience
Before all gets grinded by abacus of death

Fear him not 
Strong winds blow
Dark wings spread
The Blackcrow