Metal Shadows


OSDM Drums

OSDM Drums gives you access to Drum tones of the late 1980's/early 1990's Death MetalFlorida Meets GothenburgNew York Meets Stockholm.

Dry & tight room sound, toms with lots of attack but with lightning-fast decay, snares that snap just right.

Shape it any way you like, enhance it any way you like.


  • Ugritone Drums VST/AU/AAX Player Plugin
  • Installer for Ugritone Drums + Sample Data
  • VST/AU/AAX Compatible
  • 6 Snares, 2 Kicks, 1 Full Set of Toms, 16 cymbals (Hihat, Crashes, Chinas, Splashes, Stacks, Ride)
  • ~406 Mb Download Size
  • Drums Engineered by: Ron D. Rock @ New Soundstakk Studios, Windsor, ON
  • Drums Performed by: Ron D. Rock