Metal Shadows


Northern Artillery Drums

Ugritone and Stratovarius guitarist/producer Matias Kupiainen have teamed up to bring you a drum sample library straight out of the cold and dark depths of the North!

Featuring 2 Mix-ready Drum Kits, 3 Kicks, 6 Snares and a boatload of cymbals Northern Artillery Drums is a thunderous drum solution for a songwriter/producer/musician of any caliber.

Northern Artillery Drums was recorded by Matias Kupiainen at 5by5 Studios in Helsinki, Finland (date) and gives you a rare access to drum arsenal of Stratovarius/Solution .45/Miseration drummer Rolf Pilve.

Whether you’re writing breakneck speed Death Metal, Industrial Metal or triumphant Power Metal, Northern Artillery Drums can cater many different styles of heavy music.

Comes with a variety of one-shot samples to further enhance your drum sound!


  • Classic Finnish Metal Sound
  • 3 kicks, 6 snares, 2 set of 5 toms, 19 cymbals, 62 oneshots.
  • 7 Kit Presets - Multiple Routing and MIDI Mapping Options
  • Add your own oneshot samples
  • VST/AU/AAX Compatible