Metal Shadows


Ampenstein: DAIM100 Amp Sim Plugin

  • DAIM100 guitar amp simulation, powered by Ampenstein plugin
  • 1 Amp Emulation, 10 Pedal & 4 FX emulations, 3 Cabinet Emulations
  • Includes IR Player
  • 8 Extreme Metal Presets
  • Download Size: ~270 Mb
  • Includes the Ampenstein plugin

Powered by Vadim Taranov algorithms @VTarAmps

Solid State Underground Extreme Metal Guitar Tone

Super clean and simple UI which enables you to easily adjust your tone, automate any FX and amp knob, save and load presets and just have you READY TO PLAY INSTANTLY!

Easy to use presets

Select from various presets as a starting point of your tone, save your own favourite presets, and play, record & mix with ease.

Post-FX Units

With a bunch of post-fx units you'll clean up the tone to stand out in a mix. Or go wild and add them as pre-effects, the plugin doesn't care. Includes High/Low-Cut, Exciter, Gain Knob, EQ.

Guitar Pedals

They are plenty! Choose from 10 different pedals to add effects to your tone, fix noise issues, add more distortion or chug-a-chug with the awesome Chugatron. Pedals include Delays, Reverbs, Compression, Gate, Noise Suppressor, Chorus, Tremolo... You name it!

Guitar Cabinets

Select from an array of high quality cabinets to define your tone, Or use the IR Player to include your own custom IR's.

Guitar Tuner included

Easy tuner to tune your guitar fast, no extra plugins needed.


Graphics are important, right? Although they don't affect the tone, they do affect the FEEL, and that's what's important, right? Change the background to your liking, or even add your own ones if you like!