Metal Shadows


Modern Doom Drums

Modern Doom Drums is a Drum Sample Library designed to cater to the Drum tone of Modern SludgeStonerDoomPunkHardcore & Indie Rock.

Kit features beautiful Ludwig© Classic Maple shells, Paiste© Giant Beat cymbals, and 6 bombastic snares!

Engineered & mixed by Haldor Grunberg (Behemoth, Me and That Man, Dopelord, Azarath, Weedpecker, Spaceslug) at Tall Pine Records in Kolbudy, Poland
Drum hits performed by Lukasz Kumanski (Me and That Man, Proghma-C, Mulk)


  • Ugritone Drums VST/AU/AAX Player Plugin
  • Installer for Ugritone Drums + Sample Data
  • 5 Snares, 3 Kicks, 1 Full Set of Toms, 10 cymbals (Hihat, Crashes, Chinas, Stacks, Ride)
  • ~1.1 Gb Download Size
  • Drums Engineered by: Haldor Grunberg @ Tall Pine Records, Kolbudy, Poland
  • Drums Performed by: Lukasz Kumanski